About Fraser’s GAMSAT

Scott Fraser

Founded in 2010 by Scott Fraser.
Mentoring students for the long-term.
A vision to change GAMSAT Prep.
Started humble with only 1 class.
Growing every year since.
Focusing on in-person teaching.
Joined by Tom from The Medical Method
Over 600,000 GAMSAT video views

Tom Kelly
Lead Mentor


Our students love the experience.
You won’t even find our competitors on Google Reviews
We’re not scared of our students.

Student Community

Diverse Backgrounds

Students from different backgrounds
Biomedicine, Science, Arts, Professionals and More
Designing our courses to suit this variety

Supporting Each Other

Unprompted, unscripted, love and support for each other.
Both tutors and students working together to improve.
Everyone at Fraser’s joins a team to beat the outsiders.

It is our Unique Approach in preparing students for the GAMSAT.

With this Approach we have our

vibrant community

satisfied students

awesome scores

You’re wondering how we do it?

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