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Our Values

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All our courses are designed so that students can leverage their individual strengths
Success requires careful and meticulous preparation
Our data driven approach is designed to allow students to improve efficiently
We provide unparalleled support to our students to help optimise their preparation

Our Teaching Philosophy

Refined year on year to provide the best experience and results for our students
Student's learn core theoretical concepts to build competence in relevant GAMSAT Sections. Our teaching method encourages students to combine various examples applicable in an exam and fundamental concepts vital for problem-solving skills in the future.
Our classes motivate students to employ fundamental knowledge and problem-solving strategies for all types of questions. We employ logical skills essential before an exam to ensure students understand the exam structure and prepare for several examination aspects.
Strategy & Simulation
Our students receive multiple Mock exams spread across several weeks to integrate new strategies into their exam prep. Our advanced analytics approach reflects on each student's performance and indicates their overall success.

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Our Founders

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Dr. Kelly is a surgical registrar who has been tutoring students in the pre-medical space for over 7 years. He is a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Fraser's GAMSAT
Dr. Thomas Kelly
Chief Product Officer
Dr. Fraser has been tutoring in the pre-medical space for over 14 years and is a qualified psychometric test compiler. He is the Founder and CEO of Fraser's GAMSAT
Dr. Scott Fraser
Founder and CEO
Mr. Waleed is an exceptional visionary, with his years of experience in the field, he strives to optimize and improve the Fraser's learning experience
Chief Operations Officer

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