4 mock exams

4 x Mock Exams

Full-length GAMSAT practice exams with advanced analytics and video recorded answers

gamsat mock exams course (practice for the gamsat)
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4 Mock Exams Course
Best for - Students in the final weeks of GAMSAT preparation, ready to consolidate their learnings and practice performing under exam conditions
The Real Thing - Get comfortable with sitting full-length mock GAMSAT exams under timed conditions
Analytics - Advanced analytics will show you where you need to improve, and how your score predicts your GAMSAT success
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The final weeks before your GAMSAT are critical, and Fraser's mocks are an accurate representation of what to expect. Know your strengths and shortcomings, and more importantly - find out what to work on in the limited time that remains.


Simulated Mock Exams
Sit 4 full-length mock exams simulated to the real GAMSAT, with comparable question styles and degrees of difficulty.
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Detailed Video Solutions
Get detailed video solutions for your mock exam questions and answers to take your GAMSAT grasp to the next level.
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Predicted GAMSAT Score
Get accurate scores through our online platform, designed to replicate ACER’s platform, making sure there are no surprises on your exam day.
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Full Exam Analysis
A full in-depth analysis of each mock exam question to provide a thourough understanding of the GAMSAT.
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Review Days
Get access to online group webinars where you can discuss the most challenging questions
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Live Support
24/7 support built within the LMS
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