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Blueprint Pro Course
Best for - Self-studiers looking for the best GAMSAT resources and extra one-on-one support for Section 2 (essays)
Access - Access high-quality practice material, critical GAMSAT knowledge and problem-solving insights
One-on-one - Get personalised essay-writing feedback and instruction from 4 sessions with a private Section 2 tutor
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Our Blueprint Pro Course is a GAMSAT preparation course designed for self-studiers looking for the best GAMSAT resources. When you sign up to our Blueprint Pro Course, you’ll get access to high-quality practice materials and problem-solving insights, along with an online mini course and 4 private tutorials for Section 2 — the essay section of the GAMSAT exam.


See what you'll get in our Blueprint Pro Course
Blueprint Sprint
2 Weeks of Intensive Blueprint Prep. That covers all 3 GAMSAT Sections in depth.
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Complete Online Atlas
Over 240 topic guides, 50 quizzes and 50 hours of video content covering all 3 sections of the GAMSAT exam (available for 2 GAMSAT sittings).
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Complete Online Question Bank
Over 2000 GAMSAT questions within the exam-styled portal
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Strategy Weekend
A full weekend of workshops covering exam strategies needed to soften the edge of background knowledge and question application.
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Additional Mock Exams
A collection of 4 full-length mock exams simulated to the real GAMSAT, with comparable question styles and degrees of difficulty. Includes a full performance report with in-depth answers, analytics, and access to in-person exam review days.
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Private Tutoring (Section 2)
4 weeks of private essay tutoring, including a 1-hour weekly tutorial and 2 essays per week corrected and discussed in your tutorial.
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Live Support
24/7 support built within the LMS
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Fraser's Medical Community
The online community for students and healthcare professionals to engage and network with students, tutors and doctors
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Satisfaction Guarantee
Pro-rata refund if you are not happy with the course
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Personal Mentor
A designated mentor to plan your study and get the most out of your course. Think of your mentor as a personalised port of call for any help or guidance you need throughout your course.
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