Concentrated Course

Intensive GAMSAT training for advanced students

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Concentrated Course
Best for - Previous GAMSAT sitters and students with strong science backgrounds
Learn - Key knowledge and skills for Section 1 and 2, plus problem-solving techniques for all sections
Practise - Over 2000 GAMSAT practice questions, 4 full-length mock exams, 10 mini mocks and interactive workshops to help you score higher
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Our Concentrated Course is a GAMSAT preparation program designed for students with a strong background in the sciences, or students who have sat the GAMSAT before and want to focus less on Section 3 improvements.


Everything in the Essentials Package, plus:
Essentials Package
The core practice material needed to understand the skill domains for each section, with an AI based intelligent atlas tailored to users.
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Bridging Classes across Section 1 & 2
The foundational in-person classes covering the core requirements of Section 1 and 2
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Problem Based Learning Classes
The techniques and strategies needed to improve in each of the skill domains across section 1, section 2 and section 3
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Strategy Weekend
A full weekend of workshops covering exam strategies needed to soften the edge of background knowledge and question application.
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Additional Mock Exams
A collection of 4 full-length mock exams simulated to the real GAMSAT, with comparable question styles and degrees of difficulty. Includes a full performance report with in-depth answers, analytics, and access to in-person exam review days.
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Section 2 Private Tutoring
8 weeks of private essay tutoring, including a 1-hour weekly tutorial and 2 essays per week corrected and discussed in your tutorial.
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General Private Tutoring
3 sessions of personalised tutoring from a tutor of your choice. Use your tutoring hours whenever you like, and choose the area of study you’d like to focus on.
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Satisfaction Guarantee
Pro-rata refund if you are not happy with the course
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