Fraser’s GAMSAT Prep

Our Best GAMSAT Course. Guiding you through your GAMSAT preparation

Take the journey of a Fraser’s student- from Theory, to GAMSAT Questions to Mock Exams

Before classes get online

Fraser’s GAMSAT Atlas

The largest library of GAMSAT theory resources. Includes videos, topic summaries and quizzes. Cover every topic in Section 1, 2, 3 Preparing you for everything The Atlas serves as your Theory back up throughout the process

150 Atlas Videos
200 Atlas Summaries
1000+ GAMSAT Style Questions (and growing)

Classes begin with theory

Bridging Course Tutorials

Over 4 weeks, we take you through theory. Answering your questions from the videos. Teaching the most important aspects from scratch. These classes takes two days per week.

12 Hours of Section 1 Tutes (3 hours per week)
12 Hours of Section 2 Tutes (3 Hours per week)

36 Hours of Section 3 Tutes (9 Hours per week)
12 Hours of Cognitive Skill Tutes (3 Hours per week)

Launch into Questions

Problem Based Learning (PBLs)

The next 4 weeks, are all about GAMSAT questions. Understanding how to apply the theory you’ve learnt. You’ll be doing exam quality GAMSAT style questions from the start. Each class goes through specific aspects of Section 1 and 3. Tutors take you through these questions. Our tiered approach to answering including strategy, theory and hacks.

45 Hours of Section 1 PBLs ( 9 hours per week)
45 Hours of Section 3 PBLs ( 9 hours per week)

The best GAMSAT tutors

Meet The Tutors

Here’s the Fraser’s Team. Our tutors whom you will be taught in-person, and/or online and through private metoring for some sections. Our tutors are subject experts and you get you access the best content and teaching at every level.

Simulate the experience

In-Person Mock Exams

You’ve built theory, applied it to questions and honed your essays. Time to put it all to the test in our Mock Exams. We do ours differently… they aren’t in a book or online. You come in for the full day experience, invigilators and all. The get your scores two days later along with written and video solutions.

4 x Full Day In-Person Mock Exam Experience (1 per week) Predicted GAMSAT Score, Written and Video Solutions

But that’s not all. 

Hack, Ideas & Simulation Day

Hack Day we discuss strategy and exam performance.
Ideas Day is as it sounds, a Section 2 day.
Simulation Day is new for 2019, going through a whole exam live, showing you how we answer question by question,
analysing our approach and contrasting it to yours

3 Full Days of Teaching (16 hours)

Private Tutoring

We cover almost everything in-person classes. Get some 1 on 1 time for the topics that you find most challenging.

Why we don’t do GAMSAT private tutoring on its own

How is this all delivered? 


Every class is recorded
Uploaded for your review
Never worry about missing class


Small classes at all times
The best tutors and mentors
Get your questions answered

Live Online

Accessible from anywhere
Online Students have performed better
Same experience as In-Person

What our competitors offer…
(accurate as of Nov ’18)

Fraser’s Three Packages Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C
Package Comprehensive Concentrated (New) Strategy Package (old Concentrated) Complete Care Complete Program Platinum Program
GAMSAT Style Questions 4000+ 3000+ 2000+ 4000+ Home Study Course Books Covered throughout program
Class Types Fundamental Theory Classes, PBL Classes, Strategy Classes, and 6x Mock Exams Fundamental Theory Classes for Section 2 only, PBL Classes, Strategy Classes, and 4 x Mock Exams 10 x Days of PBL Classes and 4 x Mock Exams 6 x Days PBL Classes and One Mock Exam ?
Online Support Content Supporting Videos, Summary Sheets, and Questions for over 200 topics across 3 sections in Fraser’s GAMSAT Atlas Section 2 Supporting Videos, Summary Sheets, and Questions in Fraser’s GAMSAT Atlas Atlas Quiz Bank (doesn’t include full Atlas) Question Bank, Textbook 3 Textbooks Online Classes, Books
Marked Essays 24 16 10 10 16 Purchase Essay Module
Private Tutorials for Essays 12 hours 8 hours 0 hours none none none
General Private Tutorials 10 3 0 6 0 0
Total Private Tutoring 12 hours of essay tutoring, 6 hours of private tutoring 8 hours of essay tutoring, 2 hours of private tutoring None 6 hours of private tutoring N/A Purchase Tutoring Course $5997, interview required.
Simulated Mock Exams 6 in person, simulated, mock exams & reviews with analytics 4 in person, simulated, mock exams & reviews with analytics 4 in person, simulated, mock exams & reviews with analytics 1 in person exam, 1 online exam Online VR Practice Tests with review 1 x Full Length Live Practice Exam with Feedback Report
Minimum In-Person Hours 260 185 147 56 8 Days of classes 104 hours
Class sizes 10 – 20 (capped) 10 – 20 (capped) 10 – 20 (capped) 21 ?
Tutoring cost per hour Less than $20 per hr Less than $25 per hr Less than $30 per hr $35 $31
Online Learning Platform Yes Yes Yes Yes Online Access to materials ?
Total Cost $4,799 $3,399 $2,299 $1,976 $1,999 $2,997

What our competitors offer…
(accurate as of Nov ’18)

Student Community

The most important thing about Fraser’s our community is unmatched We know our students You know the tutors.

Diverse Backgrounds

Students from different backgrounds
Biomedicine, Science, Arts, Professionals and More
Designing our courses to suit this variety

Supporting Each Other

Unprompted, unscripted, love and support for each other.
Both tutors and students working together to improve.
Everyone at Fraser’s joins a team to beat the outsiders.


Our students love the experience.
You won’t even find our competitors on Google Reviews
We’re not scared of our students.

Google Reviews

Fraser’s 2017 Student Survey

September Timeline & Dates

Classes are available weekdays and weekends

We are very flexible and change to accomodate you

We customise each student‘s schedule after enrolment

See an example of a weekend schedule below

Ask us a question (click that bottom right orange bubble) if you’d like specifics

Bridging Courses

Starting in June

Section 1 – 12 hours
Section 2 – 12 hours
Section 3 – 36 hours

All the core theory you need. Small classes, dynamic and customised to your level.

Mock Exams

Starting in August

4 x Full Day Simulation
4 x Video Review & Predictive Analytics

Full In-Person Simulation. Predicted GAMSAT Scores. Review every question with detailed video answers

*Your preferred dates are selected after you enrol. Many options are available.