Heading towards the March 2019 GAMSAT we have launched three completely new programs. We have built these options based on our student’s results and feedback over the past year, as well as our commitment to continuously develop our programs as the GAMSAT itself evolves. In doing this, we ensure we meet the needs of our students while also keeping a high level of personalisation within the programs. 

They are:

Here, we will take the opportunity to explain the differences, why we made those changes and hopefully answer any other questions you have about the programs headed towards March this year. Let’s get started with the differences overall.

Overall Course Changes 


Class Streams – Low and High Level

Personalisation is critical in our approach at Fraser’s. This year, we have broken all classes across all three sections into different streams depending on the level in which students are entering the course.

This means that if you are a biomedical student entering our Comprehensive program, you will enter bridging courses that assume you know “different organelles” and “negative feedback loops” skipping to more challenging content quickly. However, if you’re coming to us from a non-science background, we will start you assuming nothing and push you to the same level as the other students by the end of the course.

This doesn’t disadvantage students. Everyone will have access to both the low and high content – our tutors will just be able to ensure they pitch it at an appropriate level so you can get the most out of the classes.

Every student will get the right content at the right time in their personalised journey with Fraser’s, everyone having unique journeys ultimately ensuring they reach the same goal.


Cognitive Skills Bridging Course

This year we have added an additional bridging course tutorial covering cognitive skills, such as graphical interpretation, analytical reasoning, mathematical approaches to solving calculations and more. This will be included in the new Comprehensive program. Many students who have sat the GAMSAT before will know the importance of these skills being at a high level, and only Fraser’s is addressing this developmental need within their classes.


A Full Week of Extra PBL Classes

Many students requested going through more questions in class, as they found the problem based learning classes (where we go through questions in small groups with tutors) to be extremely valuable. We added an additional week of PBLs, 5 weeks total, for all three programs. This is an additional 18 hours of in-person classes and constitutes approximately 300 more GAMSAT style questions covered in person. Adding this to entirely new batch of PBL questions, and students now have thousands of GAMSAT style questions to access both in class and outside of class.


Simulation Day

During Hack Day in 2018, there was a light bulb moment. Scott was going through the exam live, screen sharing, talking about how he annotates, thinks through questions, seeing the thought process as a dynamic and malleable process. We saw students hyper-engaged, furtively and furiously taking notes. As a team, we recognised an opportunity to give our students an additional day, where we go through the exam(s) live from our point of view, talking about the best strategies and approaches form the tutors that have performed best in each Section within our team. This day has already been beta tested in September – many students remarked how valuable the time was in crystallising their GAMSAT day strategy before the actual exam, giving them the ability to interact with the exam more meaningfully. This day will be included in the Comprehensive and Concentrated Program.

Two New Mock Exams

Our simulated mock exams have been widely loved by students, but many students have wished to have more of these exams available to them to practice with before the mocks start. We have built two additional mock exams that will be available to students with score analytics and video solutions. To maximise your exam familiarity before March or September.


Mentorship Program

Every Comprehensive Student will be assigned a Fraser’s tutor as a personalised mentor. This mentor will be in the background monitoring student attendance at class, performance on tests, getting feedback from tutors throughout the course, and checking in weekly with their mentees. This is risk aversion in place of risk management – If at any point we feel a student is falling behind, needs to engage some of their private tutorials, or is missing their learning objectives, the mentor will ensure the student gets back on track.

We have built this for the piece of mind, ensuring that every Fraser’s GAMSAT student knows we are watching their progress and ensuring they reach their goals on a timeline towards the next GAMSAT.

Looking at each program separately now, let us see what is included in each and how that has changed.

As always, the Comprehensive Package is what we think is the best GAMSAT prep course available bar none.

Overall, we have added:

  • Section 3 Cognitive Bridging Course (12 hours)
  • Additional week of PBLs (18 hours)
  • 2 Mock Exams + Reviews
  • Simulation Day
  • 7 additional hours of private tutoring
  • 2 private essays tutorials
  • 4 marked essays
  • 1000s more online GAMSAT Style Questions

The program in total now includes:

  • 72 hours of Bridging Classes
  • 90 hours of PBL Classes
  • 20 hours of private tutoring (12 in Section 2, 8 to use in any Section)
  • 6 Mock Exams and Reviews
  • Hack Day (10 hours), Ideas Day (10 hours), and Simulation Day (10 hours)
  • 24 Marked Essays
  • Full GAMSAT Atlas
  • Thousands of Questions/Quizzes (4000 +)

In total, you’ll get 47 hours more in-person tutoring than in our 2018 Comprehensive Program, not including the additional GAMSAT content.

Overall, the program now comes in at less than $20 per hour of tutoring and content.

It remains the best GAMSAT Prep Course available, and it has only gotten better for GAMSAT 2019 and GAMSAT 2020.

This is routinely our most popular GAMSAT Preparation program, especially for students that have sat the GAMSAT before, feel comfortable with the relevant theory, but need additional help and structure to maximise their score in March.

In particular, we saw in our student’s GAMSAT scores that Comprehensive students were routinely averaging 71 in Section 2 with the Concentrated students lagging slightly behind them in the range of 66. We wanted to ensure that the Concentrated program still gave students the best opportunity to excel in Section 2. In this vein, we added the Section 2 Bridging Course and Atlas Theory content, along with Ideas Day as a standard part of the program.

Overall, we have added:

  • Section 2 Bridging Course (12 hours)
  • Section 2 Atlas Theory (50+ hours of content)
  • Additional week of PBLs (18 hours)
  • Ideas Day (8 hours)
  • Simulation Day (8 hours)
  • 3 additional hours of private tutoring
  • 1000s more online GAMSAT Style Questions

The program in total now includes:

  • 12 hours of Bridging Classes (Section 2 Specific)
  • 90 hours of PBL Classes
  • 11 hours of private tutoring (8 in Section 2, 3 to use in any Section)
  • 4 Mock Exams and Reviews
  • Hack Day (10 hours), Ideas Day (10 hours), and Simulation Day (10 hours)
  • 16 Marked Essays
  • Section 2 GAMSAT Atlas
  • Thousands of Questions/Quizzes (3000 +)

In total, you’ll get 49 hours more in-person tutoring than in our 2018 Concentrated Program, not including the additional GAMSAT content.

This brings the Concentrated program below $25 per hour of tutoring and content.

Students that have covered their science theory will find themselves perfectly supported to perform at their peak in the Concentrated Package. We hope this year, our Concentrated students have a program that covers all their needs.

Many students last year wanted the Fraser’s experience as a slightly more approachable price point, whilst still retaining all of the core value and content that we provide. Especially for students that have performed very well before and/or have theory well covered but maybe don’t have the time to commit to the Concentrated Package, we built the Strategy Package from scratch for you.

We have included all of the elements of our course that you need to get exam ready by the next GAMSAT.

It includes:

  • Atlas Quiz Bank (1000s of questions)
  • PBLs (90 Hours)
  • 10 Marked Essays
  • Hack Day
  • 4 In-Person Mock Exams + Reviews

Overall, it is over 100 hours of in-person tutoring, along with the best support, mentorship and culture available in the GAMSAT space.

We realise our courses are a significant investment, but we hope the Strategy Package helps students with a 1.5 to 2 month window excel in their performance headed towards the next GAMSAT.

Final Thoughts

At Fraser’s, we’re committed to our students and their excellence. As such, we constantly iterate, rebuild, and refine our content to ensure it’s relevant with the modern GAMSAT. Just like you, we realise perfection isn’t a destination, but a continuous process and we’re committed to that. You won’t find any old question content anywhere in the program from year to year. This year we have improved two of our packages and added a third to serve new students, all whilst keeping our costs for tutoring at an all-time low. We will continue to use student feedback to improve and ensure our students perform better every year.

If you want to see everything included in our packages and learn a bit more about the company in doing so, you can download our 2019 GAMSAT Prospectus below. If you’re trying to explain to your parents what our programs are all about, the prospectus will be very useful. As always though, if you want to talk to any of our team please don’t hesitate to reach out – it’s free and all part of the Fraser’s service.

If you are ready to enrol in one of our programs, you can enrol at this link.