GAMSAT Blueprint Challenge

The Blueprint Challenge is a webinar series in which you’ll have the opportunity to go through each section, on our online platform question-by-question, during interactive sessions with our specialised tutors. Complete the challenge and we’ll send you a secret reward at the end. 

Here’s How it Works

Step 1 Sign up for our exclusive online platform, you will be sent and email on the 23rd of Jan. 

Step 2 Attend our series of live, interactive webinars from the 25th January – 4th February. Click here to see the timeline. Join our community to discuss the questions and watch recordings.

Step 3 Once completed we will send you your secret reward via email.


Your GAMSAT Challenge Timeline


25th January

  • Section 1 – Breaking Down Questions

26th January

  • Section 2 – Developing Contentions

27th January

  • Section 3 – Breaking Down Questions – Bio/Chem
day 4

28th January

  • Section 3 – Breaking Down Questions – Chem/Phys
day 5

1st February 

  • Section 1 – Understanding Skills
day 6

2nd February

  • Section 2- Defining Structure
day 7

3rd February

  • Section 3 – Understanding Skills – Physics
day 8

4th February

  • Section 3- Understanding Skills Chem/Physics/Biology

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