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GAMSAT 2020 Dates & Post GAMSAT Timeline

Thinking about applying for medical school in 2020? The official GAMSAT 2020 dates have released. So in this article, we discuss a timeline of the GAMSAT 2020 and post-GAMSAT to help you get started.

GAMSAT 2020 Exam Dates*

 March 2020 ExamSeptember 2020 Exam
Test Date21 March 202028 September 2020
Registration OpensEarly November 2019Mid May 2020
Registration Closes1 February 2020 at 9 pm AEDT20 July 2020 at 10 pm AEST
Late Registration Closes10 February 202030 July 2020
Cost (AUD)$510$510
Late Fee (AUD)$100$100
Results ReleasedLate May 2020Mid November 2020

*Source: gamsat.acer.org

Estimated Post GAMSAT 2020 Dates**

**Based on 2019 dates. Exact dates to be published by GEMSAS. For Most 2020 Medical School Applications. 

Application PeriodMay 2020
Interview OffersEarly Sep 2020
InterviewsSep - Oct 2020
Offers ReleasedNov 2020
Additional Offers to Fill VacanciesNov-Dec 2020/Jan 2021
CommencementJan 2021

Estimated Post GAMSAT 2020 Dates for Sydney University**

**Based on 2019 dates. Exact dates to be published by GEMSAS. For Most 2020 Medical School Applications. 

Application PeriodMay 2020
Interview OfferEarly July 2020
InterviewsMid-Late July 2020
Offers ReleasedLate Aug 2020
Additional Offers to Fill VacanciesUp to Jan 2021
CommencementJan 2021

Estimated Post GAMSAT 2020 Dates for Flinders University**

**Based on 2019 dates. Exact dates to be published by GEMSAS. For Most 2020 Medical School Applications. 

Application PeriodJune 2020
Interview OfferAug 2020
InterviewsSep - Oct 2020
Offers ReleasedOct 2020
Additional Offers to Fill VacanciesUp to Jan 2021
CommencementFeb 2021

What’s the Difference: GAMSAT 2020 March or September?

GAMSAT candidates have long debated over whether they should sit the March or September exam, furthering rumours that the September exam is much easier than the March exam. But is it true? Without getting into anecdotal fallacies, no, the September exam is not “easier” than the March exam. At least not intentionally.

The GAMSAT has always been an inextricably difficult test, and there are little delineations in its level of difficulty between the March and September exams. Though, some candidates may find their percentile ranking to be higher in September than in March for the exact same score.
Why is this?
Well, many first year university students will sit their very first GAMSAT in September to serve as their “practice run”. Our young, fresh-blooded candidates will use this opportunity to dip their toes into this murky swell (the GAMSAT), in hope to find comfort in their next sitting through familiarity. That being said, these candidates are often ill-prepared; with this lack of preparation often translating into a lower GAMSAT score. When candidates do this, they often shift the distribution left, towards the lower-end of the score scale.

“But wait, isn’t that unfair to students who don’t sit the exam in September?!” No. Medical schools, quite literally, only care for your personal overall GAMSAT score and your individual section scores. Percentile rankings have very little to do with the entire decision-making process in medical schools. Rather they indicate whether your GAMSAT cohort, be it September or March, found the exam difficult or easy as a group. Moreover, the fancy mathematicians at ACER acknowledge this problem, and do their best to level the playing field with a weird multitude of statistics and maths. Essentially, an individual who attends a super easy exam in September will not have an advantage over an individual who attends a really hard March exam.

Keep in mind that the March and September GAMSAT do not contain identical content, but rather assess the same set of skills required for medical school admission. In other words, you’ll never find or at least remember the same question twice.

How Do I Register for GAMSAT 2020?

If you haven’t already done so, you should check out ACER and follow their instructions to register for the GAMSAT. You should also give the information booklet a read, as it will give you imperative information regarding the exam sections and what you should definitely not bring into the exam (i.e. a calculator, a blender, your dog, highlighters, a ruler, etc.).

How Much Does It Cost?

The exam itself costs $510 (AUD), with a $100 (AUD) late-fee should you choose to register after the 1st February 2020 (March) or the 20thJuly 2020 (September). We recommend applying before the aforementioned dates to avoid this late-fee.


How Long Are My Results Valid For?

GAMSAT scores are valid for two consecutive years, though there is no restriction on the number of times a candidate considered eligible can sit the exam.

Apply YearCommence YearValid GAMSAT Score
20202021Sep 2018
Mar 2019
Sep 2019
Mar 2020
20212022Sep 2019
Mar 2020
Sep 2020
Mar 2021
20222023Sep 2020
Mar 2021
Sep 2021
Mar 2022

What are the Medical Interview Questions like?

Medical interview questions are designed to assess your personality traits and your overall suitability for the medical profession. Often times, you will be asked questions directly relating to your motivations in pursuing medicine, perhaps why you chose that specific university, or even scenario-based questions. For the latter, you will be presented with a scenario in which you must respond. This might be a reenactment of a patient interaction, perhaps even trying to resolve a conflict. Consider the scenario below:

“You are interning at a busy metropolitan hospital. You are currently working in A&E, where a disgruntled mother has been waiting for over three hours with her son, eight-years-old, to be seen by a doctor. She is becoming increasingly aggressive and is making other patients visibly uneasy.”

Consider the following questions based off of this scenario:
What are your priorities in this scenario?
How would you respond to the mother?

How each medical school conducts interviews vary. Most Universities use so-called the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) as their interview format. In this type of interviews, candidates visit a number of stations, answering a different question each time. Thus, it is a must that you practice all the possible questions you might be asked. To help students prepare for the medical interviews, we built free resources and powerful tools to facilitate your medical interview preparation.

Check Out Free Medical Interview Resources & Tools

We hope you found this article useful in your preparation for the GAMSAT 2020. Best of luck!

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