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Understanding Your GPA For Medical Applications


What is a GPA?

Put simply, GPA stands for Grade Point Average, which is a weighted mean of all of your grades achieved in the final 3 years equivalent of full-time Bachelor level study.

Although it is important to remember that there are discrepancies at times between how certain universities calculate GPA, and as such it is important to take note of where these lie. Another important point to note is that Honours degrees will occasionally remove your first year of study from the GPA calculation. However, whether honours grades are used in the application is dependent on the university that you are applying for, click here for more information.

How Your GPA Is Calculated for Medical Applications

The GPA is calculated in different ways for different institutions. The most common breakdown is shown below:

Final Average GPA Year (most recent) = Weighted x3
Final-1 Average GPA Year (2nd most recent) = Weighted x2
Final-2 Average GPA Year (3rd most recent) = Weighted x1

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GPA Calculators


This GPA calculator is the general calculator designed for most cases where COVID was not an influencing factor. If you do not fit the description for the New COVID GPA Calculator as described below, then this general calculator is for you.


This calculator is designed for GPAs that are impacted by COVID. As of today, there is solely enough information to calculate your COVID impacted GPA if you are completing your third year of undergrad in 2020, AND are applying for 2021 entry. If you do not fit this category, please use the general calculator above as a guide until more information is made publically available.

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