Fraser’s GAMSAT 2017 Breakdown

Section 3 Breakdown

This is NOT official or recreated from ACER’s material

We built this breakdown from anonymous sources

In this one slide from our GAMSAT Hack Weekend, we breakdown the GAMSAT questions from Biology, Chemistry and Physics in March 2017.

GAMSAT questions have a particular style whether that is visual, knowledge based, graphical, strategic and more. Here, we have analysed not only the specific topic of the GAMSAT Questions, ie: torque around a knee, growing nails or bird ecosystems etc. But also we look at the GAMSAT Question type, the percentage of visual, graphical, knowledge and other question types. You should use this slide to recognise what type of content to expect on the GAMSAT and in what proportion.

If you’re not sure where to start in Section 1, Section 2, Biology, Chemistry or Physics, don’t miss those links, with Tom from The Medical Method and one of our lead tutors, teaching you how to get started.

You can also see him in action on Hack Day.

Lastly, remember that there are no guarantees that this analysis is 100% correct, and even if it is, the GAMSAT Questions change every year. However, you can use this to understand the style of questions and their proportions from last year, as a means to guide your study in the next few weeks. For a comprehensive list of all the topics you should study we have yet another resource we have made for FREE, the GAMSAT Journey Book, it includes our entire curriculum, and like this, you don’t need to sign up or do anything annoying to get it.

If you like these kinds of insights, our GAMSAT Hack Weekend is full of key insights.

This is just ONE slide from that day.

Good luck and we hope you find this useful in your preparation.

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