The Best Approach to

GAMSAT Section 3 Biology

Techniques to help you improve in Biology section of the GAMSAT Exam.

In this video, Tom discusses his best approach to biology, in three steps, including a high yield topic guide which you can download to help you prepare. Biology is the most difficult subject to prepare for in Section 3 of the GAMSAT.

It is difficult because it will be presented to you with graphs, animals, environments and unfamiliar topics.

It is human physiology reconstituted in new applications that test your dynamic understanding.

ACER directly quotes this in their Information Booklet (which you should download and read).

“The skills assessed include the ability to identify knowledge in new contexts, analyse and interpret data, discover relationships, translate knowledge from one form to another, formulate and apply hypotheses and
make generalisations, deduce consequences from models, follow and  evaluate a line of reasoning, evaluate evidence, categorise and select information relevant to problems, generate and apply strategies to solve problems, make comparisons, extrapolate, interpolate, estimate and recognise limits in accuracy.”

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