How To Use The GAMSAT Section 3 Question Log Sheet

A major component of getting a high GAMSAT score is identifying and focusing on areas of weakness. Every student knows that GAMSAT practice questions are important in their GAMSAT study. However, GAMSAT Section 3 remains a challenging area for many. 

Using a log to keep track of your progress as you work through GAMSAT Section 3 practice questions will yield a huge benefit to your GAMSAT preparation. GAMSAT Section 3 assesses you in the application of the fundamental sciences including chemistry, biology and physics. Furthermore, it also assesses your analytical, deductive and inductive reasoning within these domains.  

For instance, let’s say you are using a practice ACER test for GAMSAT Section 3 practice questions. In your log, tag questions by type or subject area to help reveal particular skews or biases in your thinking. 

You can use the evidence of your log to rectify areas of concern to achieve a high Section 3 score. We encourage you to also make use of a checklist for GAMSAT chemistry, biology and physics to ensure you cover all necessary content in your GAMSAT preparation. 

To be a strong GAMSAT student, you should be aware of your most precious resource – time. A question log will manifest in huge dividends because you can appropriately allocate your time to optimise exam performance. 

We hope that you find our GAMSAT Section 3 question log helpful in your GAMSAT preparation. Check out our other free resources below to maximise your chances of achieving a high GAMSAT score.

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