GAMSAT Section 3 Question Log

Track all of your questions in Section 3 in detail

How To Copy The Sheet

–> Open the sheet –> click File –> Make A Copy
–> Open the sheet –> click File –> Download as Excel

You can’t edit the main sheet as everyone that accesses it will be using the same sheet, so make a copy. 

How To Use The Sheet

Start keeping track of all the questions you do, fill each of the columns, the question type, the stem, the correct answer, your choice and why. Then at 1-2 weekly intervals spend an hour or two reviewing your progress in each subject area, by filtering the columns according to subject and reasoning type, to identify trends in your thinking.

How We Built The Sheet

We built the Section 3 question log using the same tags and categories that we use to structure our course. The idea is that you keep track of your questions throughout your study towards the GAMSAT.

The same as the one we built for Section 1, but with different categories.

Over time, you will be able identify your learning gaps by filtering in different subjects and question types. This is especially powerful because the categories can help you identify specific weaknesses that may not be subject related.

Josh Zhang one of our past students used the question log and it assisted him in scoring 98 in the GAMSAT, we recorded a whole podcast with him about it.

For instance, mathematical questions or visual questions that you may find difficult regardless of the subject area. This level of detail helps you take reflective study to a new height and improve your approach to each thinking style and subject category you will be face with on the GAMSAT.


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