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GAMSAT Tutors Near Me | Australia

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What Makes The Best GAMSAT Tutor?

The best GAMSAT tutors are those who are capable of training and developing your style of thinking and problem-solving in Section 1 and Section 3, as well as refine your ability to form psychometrically relevant, plausible, and thematically interesting thoughts in order to convey them creatively and concisely for Section 2

It is clear from ACER’s 2020 announcement that the new format will shift the way applicants must study for 2021 GAMSATs and beyond. Ensure you are familiar with the alterations before entering a new stage of revision by reading this article, as well as fully grasping what the online GAMSAT looks like.

Tutors for Section 1 & 3

A first-rate GAMSAT private tutor in Section 1 and Section 3 is one that can approximate their thinking to how you think and visualise what your thought processes are as you attempt to solve a problem. From there, the tutor is able to tailor exercises to challenge your approach and ensure your logical reasoning is developing soundly. Once we understand the demands of S1 and S3, we can begin to appreciate the fact that the best GAMSAT tutor possesses a very particular set of pedagogic skills that requires a deep understanding of how thinking needs to be shaped in order to exercise lateral thinking. You can find more in this article detailing how difficult the GAMSAT is.

The most common trap students find themselves in with a private tutor for Section 1 & 3 is being lulled into a false sense of security, due to tutors that provide feedback and guidance that is not in the best interest of the student. Quite often this is due to tutors that are not adequately competent to actively provide value to the student’s learning, leaving sessions with students feeling positive and happy, but with very little growth and maintenance. 

Click here for more on the demands required for Section 1 and Section 3.

Section 2 Tutors

Similar considerations apply when it comes to Section 2. Despite this section obviously being the “different” section in the way it is tested, it is still testing how we understand the world. In essence, it is a different way of problem-solving; in Section 2, the problem is working out how best we can interpret and respond to a set of quotes in a brief yet reasonable and intelligent way.

The greatest Section 2 private tutor is, therefore, able to help the student challenge not just their basic expression, but also the way in which they creatively think about the world,how poetically they are able to string together concepts in a coherent and impactful manner, and how they demonstrate key psychometrically valuable qualities in their writing. This requires more than simply a tutor with a sound understanding of the English language, but rather a tutor that has a wide variety of ideas and the ability to identify relationships between concepts. A tutor that can do this will help you identify your own process of doing this and help you refine it. For more on the demands, make sure to check out this valuable resource.

To further assess the types of skills we require in the GAMSAT, see our section 2 writing style guide here, or feel free to check out our page loaded with practice questions and in-depth recorded solutions here.

Where is a GAMSAT tutor near me?

GAMSAT Tutor – Sydney

Gamsat Tutor 

 Stephanie Ponsonby, Section 1 and Section 2 Sydney Tutor

“Hello my name is Steph! I’m currently MD2 at the University of Sydney, and formerly a Melbourne University arts student. I tutor section 1 and 2 at Frasers to stop my humanities skills from getting too rusty. Plus I love trawling for cartoons to analyse and over analyse in S1. I think the GAMSAT is such a challenge because most people are either new to arts or science, and I definitely remember feeling super overwhelmed at learning an entirely new discipline. I think the key to success is having a strategy that breaks down the content into manageable pieces with a reasonable degree of balance. If there is one thing I learnt about learning online during COVID, it is the importance of having people to chat to in order to bounce ideas off each other.”

Gamsat Tutor

James Goldsmith, Section 3 Sydney Tutor

“Hey there, my name is James. I’m currently an MD student based in Sydney. I just completed my 2nd season in the interview team and this March will be my 4th season as a section 3 tutor across Biology, Chemistry & Physics! I grew up in the inner west of Sydney and before I copped a bad knee injury in the UK at 17 I wanted to be a soccer player! I did my undergrad in Biomedical Engineering with First Class Honours along with medical science at USYD and was on the way to becoming an electrical implants engineer at Cochlear before I decided to pivot into medicine (it was my plan C lol). Due to my engineering background, I would describe myself as an adaptive problem solver; a skill certainly valuable in the newer GAMSAT format with the focus shifting away from rote learning. I can’t stress enough that performing well on this exam is not about what you know, but how you think, and this is what I am constantly trying to improve in students.”

GAMSAT Tutor – Melbourne 

Gamsat Tutor

Samir Wehbe, Section 3 Melbourne Tutor

“Hello, my name is Samir and I’m one of the Physics tutors at Fraser’s in Melbourne. I studied a double-degree in Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering at RMIT, and I’m now completing a Master of Education at UniMelb. Unlike many of my S3 colleagues, my career isn’t in the health science or medicine space: I work as an air traffic controller at Melbourne airport, helping flights travel safely around Australia. Being able to problem-solve under pressure is an important part of my job, and it’s something I try to impart to my students for their GAMSAT preparation.”

Gamsat Tutor

Jasmin Dabboucy, Section 3 Melbourne Tutor

“Hello! I’m JD, manager of Section 3 at Fraser’s. I am currently an MD student at the University of Melbourne, where I completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedicine, majoring in neuroscience. What I love about neuro is the opportunity to recognise a problem, localise it, and solve it. The approach to the GAMSAT similarly requires an inquisitive mind and a focus on problem-solving and logical reasoning. Since I began teaching the GAMSAT in 2017, I have learnt that students benefit most from a systematic approach to question types, and from mentors who cultivate skill acquisition. The combination of motivated teachers + curious students is a recipe for success, making any learning experience a fruitful one.”

GAMSAT Tutor – Brisbane

Gamsat Tutor

Jessica Smith, Section 1 and Section 2 Brisbane Tutor

“Hi, my name is Jess and I’m currently half-way through my doctoral degree in immunology. I completed my Bachelors of Biomedical Science with First Class Honours. I’m also a research assistant and an associate teaching fellow at a university. Though my background is quite science dense, I have a passion for philosophy and the social sciences, and I love sharing this passion at Fraser’s as a Section 1 and Section 2 tutor. I think the key to success in the GAMSAT is first realising that everyone is on their own unique journey, and that having someone there to cheer you on and support you when you need it makes this learning journey a thousand times easier – whether that’s family, friends or a tutor that believes in you.”

Gamsat Tutor

Kugan Vijayaratnam, Section 3 Brisbane Tutor

“Hello, my name is Kugan! I’m currently based in Brisbane and I’m halfway through my medical degree at the University of Queensland. I’m originally from Perth and I completed my Bachelors in Neuroscience and Pathology at UWA. I have always had a strong interest in Biology and Physics but my true passion lies in teaching and problem-solving complex questions (always Chemistry for me, sigh …) with my students. Over the past two years that I’ve been with Fraser’s, I have had a number of roles including Section 3 tutor, Lead tutor for Biology, Student mentor and Interview tutor. Being a past Fraser’s student myself and having tutored many students, I understand first-hand the importance of snapping out of that rote learning mindset that we have all grown to be accustomed to. Visualising a problem, knowing where to look for clues and building a plan-of-attack for future stems (and the exam itself) is where we should be investing a little more time and effort into. I believe the key to GAMSAT prep is to not only have a clear strategy for your study but to always take care of yourself and trust yourself that all your hard work will reflect in progress.”

GAMSAT Tutor – Perth

Gamsat Tutor

Vraj Patel, Section 3 Perth Tutor

“Hey there my name is Vraj! I’m a Perth based Section 3 tutor who has been teaching Physics, Chemistry & Biology at Frasers the past 6 seasons. I completed my undergrad in Anatomy and Physics and am currently a DMD3 at UWA. When I first sat the GAMSAT, like most people, I was purely focused on maximising my score and just seeing this as a barrier in my life. However, through my journey, I’ve realised the GAMSAT is something special – a chance to restructure your thought process and gain incredible critical analysis and reasoning skills which can be applied across all facets of life. I love having discussions with my students about different approaches to questions, and despite it being the science section, I assure you there is an art to scientific insight.”

Gamsat Tutor

Sara El Gamil, Section 1 & Section 2 Perth Tutor

“Hello! My name is Sara and I’m currently just finishing off my 3rd year of med school at Curtin University. I’ve worked for Fraser’s for a few years now and have helped out with lots of their different sections, but I’m mainly a Section 1 & Section 2 tutor. Before medical school, I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and was a massive book nerd, so working in the humanities for Fraser’s allows me to teach the things I have loved while studying the thing I currently love. As a past Fraser’s student and through working as a tutor, I’ve come to realise that every individual is capable of doing or learning anything as long as they put the work in and believe that it is possible for them to achieve. I have seen so many students with purely science backgrounds who start off their GAMSAT preparation with no belief that they can write a really good essay. The best thing I’ve found I’m able to do for a student as a tutor is to slowly guide their writing such that it remains uniquely their own while showing them what they are capable of, until they themselves can see and believe that they can do it. That belief in oneself, some hard work, a strategy and some good guidance are really the keys to success in the GAMSAT, as well as any other endeavours in life!”

GAMSAT Tutor – Canberra

Gamsat Tutor

Adithya Shastry, GAMSAT Student Experience Manager

“Hey, my name is Adi and I am currently based in Canberra, studying the MD at ANU. Originally from Melbourne, I completed a Bachelors of Biomedical Science with Honours at Monash Uni, and worked for a few years in clinical trials/research before making my way into medical school. I have previously worked as a Section 2 and Section 3 tutor, and currently work as a Student Experience Manager, as well as a tutor with the Interview Team. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and the challenge of tailoring study techniques and methods to cater for each student’s needs. I believe the GAMSAT is more than just rote learning and more about being able to understand the key concept and trying to interpret it in multiple ways, which allows students to be flexible in its application in different question styles/stems. The success in this exam, I believe, is being able to optimise the way you study and utilise the resources and time, which I enjoy helping students achieve through my role as a student mentor in order for them to achieve their goals.”

GAMSAT Tutor – Adelaide

Gamsat Tutor

Daniel Adair, Section 3 Adelaide Tutor

“Hi! My name’s Daniel, and I’m a Section 3 tutor at Fraser’s based out of Adelaide – voted Australia’s most liveable city I may add! I’m about to finish my first year of Medicine at Flinders University, and keen for the next three. Before that, I studied a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. But study isn’t life! I’m also a keen social sporter and g&t consumer. At Fraser’s, my key role is producing and teaching Section 3 content, with a focus on helping students to grasp concepts rather than rote-learning. Although biology is my strongest field, I also enjoy teaching chemistry and physics – so Adelaide students, I’ll probably see you around! I really enjoy talking to and meeting new people, so I really enjoy working here at Fraser’s. What I’ve learnt over my time sitting the GAMSAT is that I love sitting it so much that I sat it twice! All jokes aside, I’ve realised that everyone has an individual way of preparing for and sitting the GAMSAT, and that’s where having a program like Fraser’s works so well to tailor the student’s individual needs, rather than treating each student with a broad brush. And more than anything, I’ve learnt that failure is not indicative of you as a person – in fact, failure is the best way to learn and improve! So good luck in your endeavors, and hopefully see you soon!”


Gamsat Tutor

Emily Harcourt-Smith, Section 1 & Section 2 Adelaide Tutor

“Hi, my name is Emily and I am a current Section 1 & Section 2 tutor in Adelaide, along with portfolio training and a few other pieces. A little background about me – I grew up on a wheat/cattle farm 300km out of Perth and completed my high school and undergrad in Perth (Biomed undergrad at UWA). I moved to Adelaide for med in 2018 and haven’t looked back since! I started with Fraser’s 3 years ago when I began at Flinders University. Best part about this job is getting to meet our amazing cohorts of students – I’ve really enjoyed the last few years getting to know the aspiring medical students, and have had the privilege of seeing so many at Flinders as current students in the years following. As much as the core tutoring for GAMSAT/interviews etc. is so important, I feel the real value of Fraser’s comes from the holistic support that you receive and the community of like minded people to work with.”


Gamsat Tutor

Lucille Middleton, Section 3 UK Tutor

“Hello my name is Lucille! I’m a 1st year GEM student (MD1) at the University of Nottingham, England. My pre-Med degree was in Medical Physiology and Therapeutics, so Biology is my bread and butter. I am one of the two Biology Lead Tutors here at Fraser’s, alongside my “work-Husband” Matt. This means that it’s my job to ensure that the Biology team runs smoothly to create the top-quality content Fraser’s is known for, and to deliver engaging, inspiring, and of course, banter-filled teaching sessions to guide you through your GAMSAT preparation with a smile on your face. I believe the real key to success in the GAMSAT is in taking time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses so that you can direct most of your time and energy into becoming a jack of all trades, rather than a master of one! Having the support of others, whether that be peers at Fraser’s, friends or family, really makes all the difference and will keep you on track right up until the exam day when you’re ready to smash it.”

Gamsat Tutor

Tom Kay, All Section UK GAMSAT Tutor

“Hey all, my name is Tom. I’m currently applying to study grad medicine for 2021 in the UK and have a first class honours degree in Psychology. My role at Frasers is quite diverse. It spans from tutoring S1, S2 and S3, being part of the S1 content development team as well as the S2 marking farm team, to name but a few (I like to be busy!). As a tutor, a common question I get is, ‘What’s the number one thing I should do to stand the best chance in the exam?’ As both a former Frasers student who’s gone through the process and now someone who’s immersed in the content, I say, be flexible! Flexibility allows you to optimise your learning style and break with the ineffective; flexibility allows you to rest when needed and not burn out; flexibility allows you to critique both your strengths and weaknesses without becoming disheartened. It doesn’t matter if you are some literary genius or quake in fear at organic chemistry, being able to maintain flexibility in your approach to a new and different exam is what separates good from great.”

Gumtree GAMSAT tutors – what should I be mindful of ?

Whether it be Gumtree or another tutor source, we must always be mindful of accountability in the tutoring industry. Tutors that are not governed and monitored have the capability to lead students to much dismay without it being intentional or obvious. 

It is for this reason that as we are trying to find any GAMSAT private tutor, whether it be a science private tutor, Section 1 or Section 2 private tutor, we appreciate that GAMSAT tutors have a great responsibility to present information and classes that are backed by evidence. A proven track record of being able to successfully develop someone’s knowledge, thinking and problem-solving skills to better tackle the GAMSAT is what is needed to be confident we are not investing months of preparation that may be well-intentioned, but severely misguided.

It is for this reason all tutors (and their students) must be truly coherent with how the GAMSAT is scored. Understanding how Item Response Theory works allows us to properly plan months of preparation for the exam that has no true syllabus. Knowing the specific indicators that ACER are awarding marks for opens the doors to generate our own syllabus that targets our weakest aspects of logical reasoning, making our GAMSAT training the most impactful feat possible.

GAMSAT online tutors vs in-person tutors – is there any difference?  

Comparing online vs. in-person tutors depends on the tools available and the skill of the tutor. Classes online and in-person cannot be strictly compared without weighing up the pros and cons of each. When considering the competitive scores required for the high demand advanced study, we cannot waste time risking little reward. 

In-person classes are historically seen as the most impactful way of tutoring for the GAMSAT. This stems from the ability for tutors to draw and write over the paper and express information clearly, if they have the ability to do so in a physical sense. However, there are two reasons why tutoring in-person must be considered with caution:

Firstly, as we know, the GAMSAT is now online. This therefore means that the need to draw on the paper has diminished and is confined to the scrap piece of paper we have to work with. This therefore opens an opportunity for impactful tutors to utilise digital papers such as tablets and iPads. Respecting how the new GAMSAT format impacts our study is paramount.

Secondly, moving to online learning at university has forced tutors and teachers to disseminate punchy classes of the highest yield. This highlights the immense importance for tutors to deliver high yield content via the online; a skill that does not come without practice.

A successful in-person tutor is therefore able to adapt to the new online GAMSAT and teach in a way that is applicable to the digital exam, whilst still ensuring time is not wasted on low yield sessions. Relying on past GAMSAT experience alone will not cut it in the face of the evolving exam.

Most students have an instinctive preference for in-person tutorials due to a misperceived quality drop in online settings. In reality, the mode of class delivery has a small effect on the quality of the learning experience, provided the skills of the online presenter are top tier. 

Given all that has happened recently, one silver lining is the rapid improvements in the delivery of online learning. At present, tutoring in an online environment allows simultaneous, easy access to resources that the student has access to after the session. In this sense, we are now at the stage where there are more opportunities for better learning in an online environment, provided the tutor is proficient in delivery.

When it comes to online tutoring, the greatest strength is being able to conduct punchy lessons for the student within their own home. The challenge here is ensuring the tutor is able to tailor the teaching requirements specific for the student. Online tutoring is good, so long as it can be impactful for the person across the other side of the screen. Having a sound knowledge of how to run such classes, and still making them impactful for the digital GAMSAT, is a must.

In conclusion, comparing online vs. in-person tutoring is more a question about the tutor, and how well they can cater for the student in each of the different formats. A good GAMSAT tutor is able to cater to the student regardless of the mode of delivery. However, they must have the resources to do so.

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