Simulation Day & Mock Exams

Take the last two months with our highest yield content.
Three Innovative Events and our Mock Exams.
Take your knowledge to exam readiness.

Hack Day

Accelerate your existing knowledge

Simulation Day

Simulate the exam with top tutors

Mock Exams

Experience the GAMSAT

Ideas Day

The ideas based framework for 70+

Timeline & Dates

In-Person Across Australia

We will confirm your dates after enrolment

Mock Exams

Mar 2nd (Other Cities)/Mar 3rd (Melbourne)
Mar 9th (Other Cities)/10th (Melbourne)
Mar 16th (Other Cities)/Mar 17th (Melbourne)

Sit the exam in-person over a full day

Mock Exams

Simulate the GAMSAT
You’ve built theory, applied it to questions and honed your essays.
Time to put it all to the test in our Mock Exams.
We do ours differently… they aren’t in a book or online.
You come in for the full day experience, invigilators and all.
Then get your scores two days later along with perfect solutions.

4 x Full Day In-Person Mock Exam Experience (1 per week)
Predicted GAMSAT Scores for each Section
Written and Video Solutions for Every Question

The best tutors take you through the exam live
Take from their best strategies to optimise your approach
Watch their thought process and listen to panel discussions

Itinerary for the Day

  • Using Reading Time Effectively
  • Prioritisation of Questions (Surgeon or Physician)
  • Simulated Section 1 & 3 – with a panel of high scorers
  • Reviewing March & September 2018 GAMSATs

Hack Weekend Online

Accelerate your existing knowledge with hacks and ideas

Our two premier GAMSAT Events ran earlier this year,
They have been recorded in high fidelity for your consumption

Hack Day
– A full day of teaching from our teams best strategists
– Distilled hacks and tips to approach every question

Ideas Day
– Fraser’s Ideas Based Framework for great essays
– Including 4 ideas to get you 70+ on any topic