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The GAMSAT Is On…Line In May! | GAMSAT Mailbag

In these times of uncertainty the GAMSAT has been delayed to May and shifted Online. Tom and Scott analyse all the changes, how this is likely to affect the exam and how you should prepare for it. We’ve worked tirelessly to launch the new GAMSAT Continuity programs that are specifically designed to take students from March to the May exam. Listen to the episode

GAMSAT For English As A Second Language | Keeping It 100

Our guest today is Qing who is a first-year medical student and one of our tutors in Section 3. For lots of ESL students like Qing, essay writing for Section 2 is one of the biggest hurdles in GAMSAT preparation. Listen to how she used these circumstances as an advantage and scored over 70 in Section 2. Listen to the episode

What Will GAMSAT March Look Like? | GAMSAT 2020

Arshad is joined by Lauren, who is a student experience manager at Fraser’s. In this episode, the pair looks at the trends of GAMSAT 2019 March and September analysing each section. Based on the takeaways from previous GAMSATs, Lauren and Arshad provide their insights into what the GAMSAT 2020 March will look like. Check out the prediction for the upcoming GAMSAT to be game ready! Listen to the episode

GAMSAT Questions Breakdown | GAMSAT 2020

This episode of The GAMSAT Podcast takes you through GAMSAT questions to illustrate what all three GAMSAT Sections look like and how difficult they are. Joe, a second-year medical student at Deakin University, is looking back on his experience with the questions in GAMSAT. What kind of questions would be the most difficult for Biomedical Science students like Joe? Listen to the episode

GAMSAT Scores Deep Dive | GAMSAT 2020

This episode dives into how the GAMSAT scoring system works, using the concept of “Merged Rank”.
We’re joined by Kristian Stanceski who sat GAMSAT three times until he received offers this year. He is also the author of the article on GAMSAT scores published on our blog. 
Listen to the episode

70+ Three Times with Kristian | GAMSAT 2020

Krisitan Stanceski, ex-student and now tutor at Fraser’s, shares his struggle getting into medicine despite gaining 70+ three times on GAMSAT. Check out how he prepared for GAMSAT to get offers from Sydney and Melbourne University. listen to the episode

2 Weeks From A 5th GAMSAT | Keeping It 100

Tom interviews Zun about his GAMSAT journey,exploring how to best use the ACER exams in your preparation, changing your mindset to “The GAMSAT as a Game approach” and how an Honours year can really accelerate your medical career.
listen to the episode

71 to 88 Over 4 GAMSATs | Keeping it 100

In the second episode of Keeping it 100, Tom interviews Scott about his experiences sitting the GAMSAT over 4 years. We discuss important trends, approaches and look at what you can learn from his experiences with the exam. 
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Study For The GAMSAT In 1 Month | Mailbag

In the second episode of the Mailbag, Scott interviews Tom with student questions from the last month of study before GAMSAT 2019. Some of the questions they cover in the episode include Studying As A Full Timer, ACER’s Test Questions and their impacts on your score and more.
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3 Days Left Before The GAMSAT | Mailbag

The Last Mailbag Episode before the March 2019 GAMSAT, Scott interviews Tom with all his student questions in the lead up to the exam. Some of the topics – improve Section 1 quickly, GAMSAT Graphs, Manage Exam Stress and more…
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