Section 2 AI Tutor

The Only “Real” AI for GAMSAT in the World

If you know AI - and we know a little having birthed, Heidi Health, and more - then you know that most AI only works at the very surface of use cases or, is incredibly biased toward a data set.

Enter the Fraser’s Section 2 AI GAMSAT Tutor.

Our Proposition is Simple

Most Data backed
Over 10 years of essays with average student performance above 70 on the GAMSAT but with all data in-between as students develop along the way.

45,000 essays
power this AI (and we’re continuously adding more).

No individual bias - just history on your side to help in getting the best results.

Built by Data Scientists
We didn’t scrimp on this via Fiverr.
Our builders came from Atlassian, Google, IBM, and more.

Oh - and they’ll be there continuously developing the AI LLM and ML in perpetuity.

Real Measured Feedback
We use the same literacy measurements as ACER because we have real PhD’s in psychometrics and education working on our team; not just high scorers (though we have them too).

This feedback is structured and actionable - so you can know what you need to do next in multiple key areas of your writing.

Driven by Innovation
We’ve Always Been the Most Innovative Company and we always will be.

Masterclasses? Yeah we invented them a decade ago. PBL’s? Yep that was us too. Section 2 Prompt Generator? Yeah we built the industry-leading one over 5 years ago.

A free GAMSAT Course with content and Questions? Yeah our free tier is better than most competitors paid products. And so many more tools - all free.

We’re Free
ACER charges to use their feedback service (and they should, given they’re the only real source of truth) and others who have tried to do GAMSAT AI will as well because that’s their motivation.

Ours isn’t - we’re even covering the costs of using the AI so ALL STUDENTS can access this amazing feedback allowing any investments they do make, with Fraser’s or anyone else, to have more impact.

Why are we doing this?
We’re invested in the future of education & we think AI has an important role to play. We want to push this to its limit and see how hard we can train this AI on all your pieces so that everyone has access to exceptional base-level feedback on their writing (no, this doesn’t replace a human tutor). In exchange for your help training this AI we’re covering all the costs.

So our commitment to you is that this won’t ever go behind a paywall.

Fraser's Section 2 AI GAMSAT Tutor

Fraser's Section 2 AI Tutor


Getting the Most from this Tool

Maximize your learning experience with Fraser's Section 2 AI Tutor by following these simple steps:

1. Run through all the mental preparations you would ordinarily perform before writing an essay.
2. Choose whether you would prefer to type your essay, or simply use us as a prompt generator
3. Choose whether you have your own prompt, or would like us to generate one for you.
4. Start writing!
5. Wait a minute for your essay to be processed.
6. Ensure you don’t close the tab.Toggle through your feedback, organised along the Fraser’s S2 rubric.

Key Features

Learn how to navigate the tool, from selecting prompts to writing and submitting essays for AI-powered feedback.

Whether you're starting from scratch or have a specific topic in mind, our AI Tutor is designed to accommodate your needs and help improve your writing.

How to use

Experience the Section 2 AI Tutor firsthand as we guide you through an actual essay submission.

Witness the detailed feedback process in action and see how our AI helps finesse your writing from essay structure to expression.

What It is and What It Isn't

While the Al Section 2 GAMSAT Tutor is a potent tool for improving your writing, it can't replace a human tutor. See it as a tool to speed up your progress and surpass what a tutor alone can achieve. Think of your essay as a cake: the Al provides the recipe, guiding structure and vision.

But for success, like in a cake competition, seek assistance from a real chef (writing expert) - our Al complements but doesn't replace that expertise. Manage your expectations, leverage the tool wisely and feel free reach out to a GAMSAT Section 2 tutor - it has real writing experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the limitations of Fraser's AI Tutor?
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