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Medical Interview Offer Calculator

August 25, 2023


Fraser's Medical Interview Offer Calculator using the Average GAMSAT & GPA Medical Entry Scores. Get your predicted odds for your medical interview chances.

Welcome to our Medical Interview Offer Calculator! Our innovative tool is designed to help you estimate your chances of receiving a medical interview offer. It's an essential part of your journey towards medical school admission.

How Our Medical Interview Offer Calculator Works

Our Medical Interview Offer Calculator uses a complex algorithm that takes into account various factors such as your GAMSAT score, GPA, and portfolio. Generated using thousands of data points and predictions from past data, our calculator provides a prediction based on previous results and serves as a guide but does not constitute a guarantee. You can change the scores and see your chances adjust.

If you're unsure about your GPA, you can calculate it using our GEMSAS GPA Calculator.

Enter your Overall GAMSAT score and Section wise score to find the odds of getting an Interview offer. For UND and UOW, you will need to enter your Casper and portfolio score as well.

Disclaimer: This application was built using information released from universities and other sources, none of the results displayed constitutes a guarantee or an exact representation.

GAMSAT Score Cut-offs

Understanding the average score cut-offs of various universities will give you a better idea of how you will fare in the application process. Each medical school has its own cut-off scores for GAMSAT. These cut-offs are the minimum GAMSAT scores you need to be considered for an interview. For more information about GAMSAT and GPA average score cut-offs, check out our GAMSAT & GPA Average Score Cutoffs page.

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