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1 min read

Podcast | “Man Is A Useless Passion” | Task C

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In Episode 1 of Task C, your host Aleks walks Tom through a fundamental idea from 20th-century existentialism – purpose.

They look at a famous quote from Jean-Paul Sartre, who explained his work in ‘Being and Nothingness’ that “Man is a useless passion”. 

After watching or listening to this episode, you should have an understanding of ideas relating to purpose, meaning, identity, nihilism (purposelessness), freedom, free will, values and ethics.

Email the show at info@frasersgamsat.com.au and you can see what we do at frasersgamsat.com.au 

You can listen to Aleks at "Aleks and Liam Talk" where they talk to intellectuals like Julian Burnside and Dr. Rebecca Allen