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Section 1

Section 2

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All students from our March 2017 Cohort were surveyed (n=256)

Our Method


Expertly selected theory that simplifies your study

  • Group study sessions
  • Online bridging modules
  • Bridging course tutorials
  • Fraser’s GAMSAT atlas


Tutor guided GAMSAT questions. Learn techniques from the experts

  • Essay writing + marking
  • Online quiz bank
  • Problem based learning classes


Simulate the conditions, the invigilators and the questions

  • Hack day
  • Mock exams
  • Exam review modules



All our classes are available live online on the same dates as in-person


Available in – Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane


All our content is recorded and available online. It is released as the classes occur.


of in-person hours

Unmatched quality

of resources and tutors


of interactive online hours


Personalised learning journeys

we know our students, their progress and needs

Quality books & online questions

learning as elsewhere


Lowest cost per hour

in the market

In-Person Timeline

All our classes are available weekday nights, weekdays and on weekends.

We are very flexible and you may change between streams to accomodate any schedule.

Jan 20th / 21st
Jan 27th / 28th
Feb 3rd / 4th
Feb 10th / 11th

Hack Day
Feb 10th/17th
Sydney Feb 17th
Bris Feb 18th
Perth Feb 18th
Canberra Feb 11th

Ideas Day
Melb Feb 11th/18th
Sydney Feb 18th
Bris Feb 17th
Perth Feb 17th
Canberra Feb 10th

Mock Exams
Feb 24th / 25th
Mar 3rd / 4th
Mar 10th / 11th
Mar 17th / 18th

Problem Based Learning Classes

Section 1 – 36 hours
Section 3 – 36 hours

GAMSAT Style Question Combining theory and strategy with expert tutors.

Hack Day

Full Day Workshop

Master your exam technique. Study hacks that maximise your score, pattern in chemistry and how to finish on time.

Ideas Day

Full Day Workshop

Only 5 ideas can get you a 70+ essay on any Section 2 topic. Systematically improve your ideas, structure and expression. 

Mock Exams & Review

4 x In-Person Exams

Video Explanations

Full In-Person Simulation. Predicted GAMSAT scores. Review every question with detailed video answers.


Our Alumni

Many of our students have gone on to bigger and brighter things.

Some have even come home to roost, and join the Fraser’s team. Giving back in the same personalised way they were looked after.

We have Law/Science students now working at the Royal Childrens Hospital, a former RA now studying Medicine in Germany so that he could fulfill his dream of working in the world’s leading neurosurgical teaching hospital, numerous students in London, Fiji, and Cyprus, as well as musicians, lawyers, engineers, ambo’s, nurses, physios, and scientists turned doctor here in Australia. Not to mention many people who sat the GAMSAT many times, as many as 7, who persisted and reached their goals.

We’re pretty proud of our alumni.

I got in!! Thanks so much for your GAMSAT and Interview help through it all. At the beginning of the year I thought I wouldn’t even pass the GAMSAT and here I am. Thanks again to you and the team! – Priscilla

I am ecstatic, I got my first preference at UWA! Normal CSP spot too! I think it was your GAMSAT tutoring and Interview training that did the trick. Thanks so much for the fantastic teaching you provided me.  – Harry


Founded in 2010 off the back of Dr Scott Fraser’s highly successful GAMSAT preparation courses, Fraser’s has grown to include a dynamic team with a breadth of diverse skill sets, all focused on helping students be the best they can be.

Over the years, we’ve grown to accommodate students from all academic backgrounds and proficiencies, so no matter what your expertise or your commitments outside of study, we’ve got a plan that is suitable for you. We also have all the support mechanisms in place that you could ever need to ensure your study is a success. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, but we can guarantee you the most premium course available with the best team of tutors and mentors to get you there, and that’s why we make GAMSAT preparation personal. We look forward to working with you soon!


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