Announcing Simulation Day
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– Learn from the highest scorers
– Understand how to finish the exam
– Live GAMSAT Questions
– Review the 2018 GAMSATs

Live, In-Person on February 23rd

Tom teachs a concept from the day

Our GAMSAT Prep is about the Experience

We start with the best tutors and mentorship

Our GAMSAT course focuses on live teaching
The Best Tutors and Authentic GAMSAT curriculum
Our Online Content is also best in class
Hundreds of Hours of Theory Videos, Questions, Topic Summaries


I’m preparing for…

September 2019 GAMSAT

View our programs that get you game-ready for the exam this September 2018.

March 2019 GAMSAT

Learn how our holistic curriculum prepares you for the coming March 2019 exam.

Medical Interview Training

Get the best resources and best Interview simulations at Fraser’s Interview.

March 2019 GAMSAT

Simulation Day

Watch the Best Tutors Live
Build Your Exam Strategy

Mock Exams

Simulate the GAMSAT Experience
Discover Predictive Analytics

Hack Weekend

Learn Our Greatest Hacks
Five Ideas To get 70+

September Timeline & Dates

Classes are available weekdays and weekends

We are very flexible and change to accomodate you

We customise each student‘s schedule after enrolment

See an example of a weekend schedule below

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Bridging Courses

Starting in June

Section 1 – 12 hours
Section 2 – 12 hours
Section 3 – 36 hours

All the core theory you need. Small classes, dynamic and customised to your level.

Mock Exams

Starting in August

4 x Full Day Simulation
4 x Video Review & Predictive Analytics

Full In-Person Simulation. Predicted GAMSAT Scores. Review every question with detailed video answers

*Your preferred dates are selected after you enrol. Many options are available.

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