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Essentials Mock Bundle

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Course Description

The ultimate data-driven self-study bundle combining the two most data-centric points of Fraser’s - the Essentials Resources & our Mock Exams

Ideal for who?

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Self study assistance for those who are preparing on their own
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Past Sitter
Candidates who have sat the exam before, and are confident in their skills across the Sections
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Looking for GAMSAT simulation
Individuals who are looking for GAMSAT-style questions & Mocks to aid their preparation

See what you'll get in our Essentials + Mock Exams Bundle

5x Full Mock Exams

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5 Full Mock Exams

You are entitled to 5 x Full Fraser’s Online Mock Exams. These exams are designed to replicate the GAMSAT - with stems across all GAMSAT skills & levels, and presented in a similar layout as your actual GAMSAT exam, to stress test your GAMSAT preparedness under exam conditions. After each exam, you are provided with a GAMSAT Score Report - which details your overall predicted GAMSAT score, as well as a predicted GAMSAT score in each section, which is calculated based on thousands of student data over the past decade.

Skill Centric Atlas: S1, S2 & S3

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Fraser’s Skills-Centric ATLASes are a library of resources - videos, questions, walkthroughs and theory - designed to help you build your GAMSAT skills in a targeted psychometric manner. Each Sectional ATLAS breaks down the GAMSAT into respective core skills that are required to excel in the Section - allowing you to attack the GAMSAT in a targeted & skills-based manner.

GAMSAT Essentials Package

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Access to Fraser’s Essentials Resources for two consecutive GAMSAT sittings

As a Fraser’s Student, you will retain LMS access to your Essentials resources - your Question Bank & ATLASes - for two consecutive GAMSAT sittings. Your Immersive Resources - your PBLs, Mocks & Essays - expire after one GAMSAT sitting.

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Access to Fraser’s Resources for one GAMSAT sitting

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As a Fraser’s Student, you are entitled to utilise your Resources for one GAMSAT sitting.


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Build Your Own Course - BOLT ONS!

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You are entitled to bolt on any additional resources based on your need. This could be Private Tutorials, Mentoring Sessions, extra Mock Exams or extra classes. In this way, you are able to customise a Fraser’s course exactly to your needs - focusing on high-yield resources that help you best!


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2x Diagnostic Mini Mocks

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2 Diagnostic Mini Mocks

As a course student, you are provided with 2 x Diagnostic Mini Mocks to complete at any time throughout your preparation. These Mini-Mocks have been carefully curated to target all GAMSAT skills at all levels, and thus are a great resource to complete when you are looking for guidance on what skills & areas to target next in your prep.


Assess your GAMSAT skills at an early stage with our curated "half-GAMSAT" Mini-Mocks specifically designed to identify weaknesses and provide you with early areas for improvement.

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Fundamentals Atlas: Section 3

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The Bump for Section 3

The GAMSAT is a skill-focussed exam, and section 3 is no exception. Nevertheless, there is a degree of background science and mathematics knowledge that is expected for the section. For those not from a science background or feel as though a refresher is in order, the Fundamental Atlas is of great benefit. This Atlas is specifically dedicated to the background knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Physics & mathematical skills needed for section 3.

Science; with a Section 3 Focus

There is no reward in knowing and rote learning mundane science facts when it comes to section 3 assessment, and so when learning the sciences for the GAMSAT, this must be taken into consideration. Focus should be directed to a GAMSAT approach that learns content in such a way that it will benefit the skills being assessed. The Fundamentals Atlas dissects the necessary elements of background knowledge and prepares the user in a way of actual benefit to section 3.

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12 x Live Mock Review sessions

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12 Mock review Webinars

To supplement your GAMSAT Score Report after each Mock, Fraser’s also runs a Live Mock Review Webinar for each Section after each Mock. In these 2 hour classes, a panel of lead tutors take you through the most challenging stems in each Mock, exhibiting exam strategies and tweaks that you can apply to hone your GAMSAT performance. 


These review sessions will follow your Simulated Mock Experience and go through challenging Mock exam questions and high yield exam strategies in the weeks before the GAMSAT - all delivered by high scoring tutors.


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Complete Question Bank with Skills-Based Filters & Analytics

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Access thousands of GAMSAT-style questions, and filter based on a particular skill or text type (e.g. poems) that are you targeting. Every question you complete on your LMS is recorded to provide you with live analytics of your strengths & weaknesses across all the Sections, and which areas you should target in your GAMSAT prep.



Target preparation with a question bank centered around the core GAMSAT principles and improve your problem solving skills.

Expanding Bank of Questions

Season by season the question bank is refined through a process of question type appraisal, and volume expansion.

Granularity to Preparation

With the question bank tagging system, a user can specifically prepare for the exact style of question of interest.

Real-time Tracking

Analyse personal trends and measure performance throughout your question bank journey.

Solutions; Not Just Answers

The question bank includes in-depth solutions to specifically detail how the answer was obtained.

Section 2 Practice

The hand-picked section 2 prompt set is a collection of prompts that complement training and provoke development in key writing domains.

Fraser's Medical Community

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Throughout all stages of applications, students remain informed and well prepared for all requirements. Knowing what is needed for a successful applicant ensures less time is wasted on information sourcing, and more time is focussed on self-development.


Tough times are inevitable. Regardless of the challenges, the Fraser’s Family has the right student support and resources to ensure you are well assisted throughout your journey.


Tutors at Fraser’s understand your trials as they too have been in your shoes. Our empathetic and talented team ensures classes are run specifically with one overarching goal in mind: your success. They have succeeded, and now they want it for you.

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Support Centre

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Ask anything

Ask us about your Fraser’s course, your GAMSAT study, or the GAMSAT exam

Round the clock

Get help with administrative issues or exam preparation at any time of the day or night, any day of the week


The Support Centre sends regular email reminders about important deadlines

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