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Fraser's Academy

The Ultimate Free GAMSAT Preparation Tool

The Fraser's Academy is a free Living LMS that evolves with the changes in the landscape of the medical admissions and GAMSAT space.

Explore a wealth of Free GAMSAT resources and materials, including a comprehensive Study Guide, Practice Materials, extensive GAMSAT Question Bank, Video Tutorials and Mocks - this is your GAMSAT study co-pilot.

What's Included

Cover everything from section 1, section 2, to section 3. Access content types like Section-wise atlases, free GAMSAT
Question Banks, video trainings, and mocks.
Section 1
Question Bank
Monthly New Question Drops
Section 2
Question Bank
Unlimited Essay Prompts
Section 3
Question Bank
Monthly New STEM Question Drops
Section 1
Introduction to 6 Core Section 1 Skills
Section 2
Need for your Section 2 essay
Section 3
Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics
Mock Exam
ACER style Mock
Simulate the real GAMSAT experience
Video Trainings
Class lecture videos
Recorded lectures on GAMSAT topics
Masterclass and Events
Recorded and Upcoming
Access our library of academic events


Doesn't matter what your skill level or background is - The Fraser's Academy levels the playing field by providing all the basic support a GAMSAT aspirant needs.

Here is what it looks like from the inside

Section 1 inclusions

Build your skillset in Argument deconstruction, logical reasoning, contextual understanding, implicit meanings of text and much more.
Put your knowledge to test and monitor performance through analytics.

Section 2

Improve your essay writing by building your skillset in idea formulation, arguments, organisation and structure and much more.
Practise with your new learnings and apply them with the section 2 quote generator included in the question bank.

Section 3

Learn the important foundations of Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics from a GAMSAT lens.
This is a dream come true for non science background students.

Cover topics like Pre-Module Assessment | Biology, The Cell | Biology, Kinematics & Motion | Physics and much much more..

Leverage the Question bank to test your command on the foundational principals.

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