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1 min read

GAMSAT Scores Are Going Down | Podcast

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GAMSAT Scores have been going down for the last few sits. 

Many students think you have to score 70+ to get into Medicine.

That is no longer true, and we think it is likely to decrease in the next few years. There are many myths about how applications work, including the combined score, rankings, GPA, bonuses etc.

In this definitive podcast, Tom discusses GAMSAT Scores with his 5 years of experience and maths background to give you an accurate depiction of how things actually work.

We spoke to every medical school in Australia in 2018 to collect the GAMSAT Score, and GPA required to get an interview offer.

It's all collated in the table, which you can download for your own reference. Click on the picture to download the pdf. As you can see, even in 2018, where only 1 GAMSAT had a lower median, scores have moved down slightly.

We expect and hope in years to come, scores will continue to move down.