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Section 3
1 min read

GAMSAT Section 3 Chemistry Checklist

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Written By
Tobias Gaitt

In order to succeed in Section 3 of the GAMSAT, you should have a succinct list of topics to cover for chemistry, biology and physics. By utilising a GAMSAT chemistry checklist, you will ensure that you will cover the major concepts that will be assessed in GAMSAT Section 3. This checklist should be referred to consistently throughout your GAMSAT chemistry preparation. As you progress through GAMSAT practice questions, we recommend keeping track of your strengths and weaknesses through a question log. By having a checklist of key GAMSAT chemistry topics, you can better target your revision and GAMSAT Section 3 study.

We hope that you find this GAMSAT chemistry checklist helpful in your GAMSAT preparation. Check out our other free resources below to maximise your chances of achieving a high GAMSAT score.

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