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Section 3
1 min read

Scoring 98 in Section 3 | The GAMSAT Podcast

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Written By
Rahman Abdul


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In this episode of the GAMSAT Podcast, Tom interviews Josh Zhang. Josh scored 81 in March 2018 with 98 in Section 3.

They discuss the best approach to Section 3, how to best use your time when planning your GAMSAT studies and the balance between theory and reasoning. 

This podcast was the first episode of Keeping it 100.

Email the show at: info@frasersgamsat.com.auIf you like our resources and still want to know more, consider one of Fraser’s Courses to help you with your GAMSAT Prep. Once you have done this, you could read all about our ideas for what the 2021 GAMSAT will look like and even use our quiz to assess your strengths and weaknesses.