GAMSAT Section 1 Question Log

Use this log for self-reflection in your Section 1 study

This question log is built from

our Section 1 cognitive tool kit.

It should help you with reflective study.

GAMSAT Students repeatedly say you can’t improve in Section 1. 
You definitely can, however, it takes diligent and reflective study.
In particular, we take an evidenced based approach, by keeping track of every question that you do and looking at the trends over time.

Tag questions by type (there is a finite number of types). 
Analysing patterns in the questions that you get right and wrong.
Finding particular skews and biases in your reasoning.
You can access it for free in a google sheet by clicking the button.
Make your own copy of the sheet, you can even adjust the categories to suit your thinking. We hope you enjoy it.


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