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The Fraser’s Scholarship Program - A Background

Fraser’s has always retained one chief purpose throughout the years - to help individuals get into their dream careers so they can contribute to the growth and prosperity of society.

With this philosophy in mind, the Fraser's Scholarship Program is based primarily on financial need rather than merit, with the aim to provide opportunities and guidance for students aspiring to enter the medical world from all walks of life.

Our vision is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to succeed not only across standardised tests, but throughout their medical journey. In order to ensure this applies to students facing financial limitations, we are administering needs-based financial aid to direct our institutional resources, expertise and time to students who stand to gain from them.

Our scholarship program reflects our long standing values of equity, universal access and putting the student first, and we hope to honour these values in our service with you.

How Fraser's assess Scholarship Applications?

Fraser’s is committed to putting your needs first. Subsequently, our scholarship program is designed to cover a percentage of your total course depending where your applications falls in our scale.

We assess applications using a combination of objective and subjective measures. Pertaining to the objective measures, these are derived from paradigms imbued within governmental institutions and university scholarship programs when it comes to financial aid for those in disadvantaged positions. Regarding the subjective measures, this involves Fraser’s looking at our history of scholarship students in the past, and assessing whether each application meets our core values and mission driving our Scholarship Program. After these factors are considered, each application is placed on a scale based on our needs assessments, and it is this scale which determines what percentage of your total course will be covered by Fraser’s.

How to Apply for the Fraser's Access Scholarship?

To determine your eligibility for the financial aid scholarship, fill out the Fraser’s Scholarship form.

Please note that for each of our courses, there are respective deadlines in which you must have submitted your application to be considered for a Scholarship. Fraser’s assesses Scholarships on a rolling basis, so the earlier you submit your application, the more time you will have potentially to utilise your Scholarship course resources! 

**These resources will comprise of access to our live in person group classes, our live online group classes, our online ATLAS and Question Bank Materials, our Strategy Weekend and Mock Exams.

Applications Close on the 31st of May 2024

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