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Section 3 Fundamentals Atlas

Learn the basic sciences for Section 3

Gamsat section 3 fundamentals atlas
Section 3 Fundamentals
The Bump for Section 3
The GAMSAT is a skill-focussed exam, and section 3 is no exception. Nevertheless, there is a degree of background science and mathematics knowledge that is expected for the section. For those not from a science background or feel as though a refresher is in order, the Fundamental Atlas is of great benefit. This Atlas is specifically dedicated to the background knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Physics & mathematical skills needed for section 3.
Science; with a Section 3 Focus
There is no reward in knowing and rote learning mundane science facts when it comes to section 3 assessment, and so when learning the sciences for the GAMSAT, this must be taken into consideration. Focus should be directed to a GAMSAT approach that learns content in such a way that it will benefit the skills being assessed. The Fundamentals Atlas dissects the necessary elements of background knowledge and prepares the user in a way of actual benefit to section 3.

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